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with the WITY AG Team:

Max Armstrong, Dave Brown, Joe Daughhetee, Nora Fourez,

Lora Johnson, Phyllis Parks, and Greg Soulje






5:26am –   Local Grain Prices
5:28am –   RFD Morning Market Summary
5:31am –   RFD Livestock Report
5:36 - 5:58am –   RFD Illinois
6:15am –   RFD Inside Ag                    
6:18am –   Freese-Notis Ag Weather

6:30am –   Midwest Digest with Max Armstrong

6:50am –   Local Grain Prices
6:51am –   RFD Morning Market Summary
6:54am –   Farm Progress America             
                      with Max Armstrong

7:15am –   RFD Business Report

7:30am –   Midwest Digest with Max Armstrong

8:18am –   Freese-Notis Ag Weather  
8:50am –   Morning Markets with Archer Financial Services, Ltd.                 
9:07 -
 10:00am –   RFD Today  
9:50am –   Market Update with Bates Commodities
10:50am – RFD Market Update
11:06am – Illiana Extension Today
11:20am – RFD Mid-Day Market Update
11:30am – RFD Ag Advisor
11:35am – RFD Inside Ag
11:50am – Mid-Day Market Update with Bates Commodities

12:14pm –  RFD Ag Advisor

12:24pm –  RFD Livestock Report

12:29pm – RFD Mid-Day Summary
12:33pm – Midwest Digest
                      with Max Armstrong

12:36pm – Down on the Farm

12:45pm – Illiana Ag Weather with Greg Soulje
12:50pm – Afternoon Markets with Archer Financial Services, Ltd.
12:54pm – Farm Progress America with Max Armstrong      
1:31pm –   Freese-Notis Ag Weather
1:47pm –   RFD Inside Ag

1:50pm –   RFD Livestock Report

2:31pm –   Closing Markets  with Bates Commodities

3:51pm –   RFD Closing Markets

4:30pm –   Midwest Digest with Max Armstrong

4:54pm -    William C. Burnside & Co. Closing Markets

5:50pm -    William C. Burnside & Co. Closing Markets




5:36 - 5:58am –   RFD Illinois



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